It took us years of studying printing on garments, we learned about the chemicals used in the inks, the time, pressure, thickness and elasticity of the ink required for best results. It took multiple trips to Europe and Asia to find the right manufacturers of our clothing and now after all this time we can say...


We started our own brand Ursani and with all our knowledge we want to provide others with the best quality garments possible.


We offer:

- SUBLIMATED GEAR - from simple tank tops, sports bras and shorts, to baseball jerseys, cheer and dance uniforms, to pretty much anything else. If you can think of it, we can make it. We can also help with design, after all we are known for making the coolest looking gear.


- SCREEN PRINTING - we use the highest quality inks made right here in North Carolina. Garments printed by us will last longer, and if printed on polyester or spandex the ink will stretch with the fabric. All our Ursani apparel is printed by us and we use the same equipment, techniques and inks for everyone else.

- HEAT TRANSFERS - Want to start your own brand? We will help you out, seriously come to our store and talk to us! After all, this is how we started our company; we used other people's transfers to make our shirts. Soon we learned that those transfers were not high enough quality for us, so we started making our own. It took us a long time to figure out the process, but we can say with confidence that we have the best quality transfers on the market!


Custom Baseball Jerseys

Baseball Jerseys

Custom Cheer Practice Set Blue

Practice Sets

Custom Cheer Uniform


How it works:


You tell us what you need; baseball jerseys, football jerseys, lacrosse uniforms, skirts, shorts, skorts,... literally any garment you can think of. We either take your design, or design it for you for free (there will be initial $50 design fee that will go towards your order once you pay - we do this so people don't use us for free designs).

Once we decide on the garment and have a design, we send it in production. Our production time is around 4 weeks for sublimated gear and our quality is top of the line.


If you want to feel the material and see some examples, come to our store and check them out.

If you are interested just send us an email to or call us at (910) 638-3526.




Tie Dye Shirts


Cropped Hoodies


Regular Tees

Why use us?


We have no minimums. You only need a couple of shirts, that's fine, no job is too small for us. You'll love our quality since we're using some of the best inks in the industry and they are made right here in North Carolina - yes we are big on supporting local businesses. Our turnaround time for screen printing is about a week, our prices are affordable and can even help you with design.

Interested? Email us: or call (910) 638-3526.



heat transfers


High Quality





Why use us?


We have mastered the art of making heat transfers. We have spent years struggling with other companies' bad quality and at one point we decided to try to make our own. It wasn't easy and it took us years to perfect the formula we are using today. With all the confidence in the world, we can say our transfers are the best you can find. Why? We have tried every other transfer on the market and none of them can compare to the high quality of ours. We make sure the transfers feel soft on the garment. We are using the best inks in the industry, the ink on our transfers is thicker, which makes it bleed less, the ink is stretchy and you can use it on spandex.

Interested? Email us: or call (910) 638-3526.


1 Color Gang Sheet – 12.75x18in

You can put as many designs on this sheet as you can fit on a 12.75x18 inches sheet. This sheet will be printed on a white sheet of transfer paper with only one color. We will match the color you have provided in the file. Metallic silver and gold are also available.


2+ Colors Single Image 11x12in

You can use as many colors as you want on this sheet. You are limited with 11x12 inches, and you cannot gang more designs on one sheet – only one design per sheet.


Full Color Gang Sheet -22x12in

You can use as many colors as you want, and you can gang as many designs as you can fit on this sheet. You are limited with 22x12 inches.

Transfer Pricing.JPG

Need transfers? Send us an email to We'll get back with you right away.